• Wearable Health
    Not too long ago I was invited into "All Things Crowd," a group on Facebook that focuses on the convergence of crowdsourcing, crowd-funding, collaborative consumption, and the sharing economy. One of the group's most recent conversations was around wearable technology and our thoughts about it. Being in the health and wellness space, I can't help but be more focused on the potential of this technology to impact health outcomes and less on the sophistication of the technology itself, which in fact is pretty damn impressive.
  • Build Long Term, Value-Based Relationships With Customers, Prospects
    When it comes to effective marketing within the healthcare sector, building strong relationships with customers is absolutely job #1.
  • Where Do Your Patients Live On The Web? Effective Targeting For Digital Campaigns
    Targeting is a key benefit of online marketing, but anyone who has worked in the online healthcare space knows that it's easier said than done. A digital tactic that effectively engages one population may work dismally with another. New tactics are being developed all the time, but since many are unproven for healthcare direct response, they can pose a risk to your campaign.
  • The Emerging Data Gold Rush
    In 1848, a small deposit of gold was discovered in California's American River. While some wanted to keep news of California's gold a secret, it was impossible to prevent rumors from spreading about its newfound wealth. Local merchant Samuel Brannan is credited with igniting the California Gold Rush when he strode through San Francisco holding a vial of gold and shouting: "Gold! Gold! From the American River!"
  • 2014: The Year Of The Phone
    Without invoking the usual parade of statistics, social media and the decision-making it impacts is clearly now as important as the phone to the relationship between companies, consumers and professionals.
  • The Customer Experience Imperative
    We have all heard the phrase "customer experience" and the importance many organizations are placing on it. But what does that exactly mean? It's more than just "customer service." You might be thinking, "We don't have a 'customer experience' strategy at our company." Rest assured, every organization has a customer experience ... it just might be that yours currently stinks.
  • Improved Patient Segmentation
    Enhancing the patient's hospital journey.