• Are Our Results Good? Find Out If Your Engagement Rates Stack Up
    Relationship marketing (RM) programs are powerful tools that help consumers make educated healthcare decisions. We have been creating and evaluating RM programs for over 10 years. Since the beginning, we have placed an emphasis on measuring results to ensure that programs are successful and provide robust ROIs.
  • An Ode To Desire: The Quest For True Insight And Transformative Ideas
    This business of communications-call it advertising, marketing, promotions, or selling -is built on arriving at epiphanies that we call Insights. There are many structured approaches devised to develop Insights-analyzing socio-emotional drivers, customer demographics and market dynamics, scenario planning, and so on-each usually staffed in separate departments of highly educated and thoughtful people.
  • Healthy Is As Healthy Does
    It is possible to draw parallels between the green movement and what is happening in health today. Both are human problems that have grown to be global crises through our actions and inactions. Both have their advocates and their nay-sayers. Both ask all of us to take personal responsibility for doing everything we can to fix the problem. And, perhaps most importantly in this context, both have a huge impact on brands and how they are expected to behave. Today, people want the brands that they buy or associate with to demonstrate that they share the same standards and beliefs. ...
  • How To Keep A/R Out Of The ER
    In today's challenging economic climate, medical specialists - including those in diagnostic fields like community pathology and radiology-- increasingly find themselves working overtime to maintain even basic fiscal fitness.
  • Technologies, New Thinking Fueling The Age Of Consumerism For Healthcare
    The healthcare industry has been evolving for years, led by innovations that help streamline an antiquated industry for better effectiveness and efficiencies. The administration's healthcare reform bill is keeping the foot on the proverbial gas, fueling new thinking and technologies for better consumer access and engagement. Those business entities that can help cut costs, create awareness and prevention, and empower consumer engagement will find success among the changing landscape. It's a prime time to be a healthcare marketer-full of new challenges and vast new opportunities.