• Laboring Ways For Healthy And Happy Employees
    An August 2013 Gallup Work and Education Survey shows that Americans, despite the sometimes-questionable facial expressions after 5 pm, are passionate about work. In fact, this passion is so strong that ~70% of American workers say they would continue working even if they won $10 million in the lottery. (Nope, April Fool's Day is the joking holiday.)
  • Reaching Consumer Targets With Effective Marketing Strategies
    For those of us who have built careers in the healthcare field and driven successful consumer-facing marketing campaigns for the bio-tech, pharma, or nutraceutical industries, we know that this is a dynamic and fast-evolving business category. There are multiple reasons why healthcare marketing also demands, in and of itself, extraordinary attention to detail when it comes to external communications.
  • Loyalty Through Learning
    Most marketers agree that customer loyalty is driven by delivering value. And while driving value through product offerings largely takes center stage, most pharma manufacturers have also invested consistently in traditional learning arenas such as CME programs and speaker training. The question is, can learning programs be structured to deliver customer loyalty? And if so, what would be the differentiating characteristics of such a learning platform?
  • Goodbye, Dr. Google? Tomorrow, Content Will Be Automated, Personalized And Just-in-Time
    Today, most people begin their search for health and medical information on sites like Google and Bing. While these properties are helpful, many find the online health search to be a frustrating and tedious process. However, a day is coming when many may no longer rely on search engines to find health content. Instead, they will receive relevant and personalized health information automatically - sometimes prior to when they start looking for it, or just before it's needed.
  • Overcoming Social Media's Challenges
    The primary challenges with adopting social media for makers of prescription products are operational. Though much is made of the absence of an explicit Food and Drug Administration guidance on social media, we know the answer to most of the questions about the regulatory requirements for social media activity.
  • 5 Ways To Succeed in Today's Technology-driven World
    Technology is creating massive change and disruption that have forever altered the way consumers and businesses interact. The healthcare industry is no exception as we are seeing lightning-fast innovation from data digitalization, mobile applications and self-service consumer platforms. Perhaps no other time in history has technology so rapidly changed how we learn, collaborate and communicate.
  • 3 'E's of Effective Healthcare Advertising: Experience, Empowerment, And Efficiency
    It is almost standard-issue for most every healthcare advertiser to flood the web with every bit of resource and information possible these days.