Goodbye, Dr. Google? Tomorrow, Content Will Be Automated, Personalized And Just-in-Time

Today, most people begin their search for health and medical information on sites like Google and Bing. While these properties are helpful, many find the online health search to be a frustrating and tedious process. However, a day is coming when many may no longer rely on search engines to find health content. Instead, they will receive relevant and personalized health information automatically – sometimes prior to when they start looking for it, or just before it’s needed.

In a previous Marketing:Health post, I described this trend as “just-in-time health information.” This trend is important because it has the potential to radically transform how people consume health content. In addition, it may greatly improve the efficacy and reach of health information designed to educate and persuade.

Moreover, just-in-time health information systems may one day even save lives. For example, a person at risk for an imminent heart attack or stroke could receive an emergency text message urging them to head to the emergency room for immediate treatment.



Get the Facts on Just-in-Time Health Information Systems

Understanding how and why digital health content consumption will change in the future is vital for health communicators and marketers. Get ahead of the curve by taking 10 minutes to view the free executive summary of a 45-page report we recently produced on this subject below. Or, click here to get started.

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