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Fard Johnmar

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Fard is founder and president of Enspektos, LLC, a digital health innovation consultancy. Our mission is to help health executives and medical professionals succeed by providing unique advisory services, events, original research and technology. Fard is also producer of a number of unique initiatives, including the Digital Health Maven Project, which is designed to help health executives and medical professionals excel by practicing the traits of high-performing people in digital health.

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  • Are Big Data, Smart Devices And Wearables Improving Wellness And Saving Lives? by Fard Johnmar (Marketing: Health on 10/16/2015)

    Thanks Bill for your comments re: my post and pointing out the Forbes piece. I saw the article shortly after it came out previously.  From an implementation perspective, a lot of these implementations will come down to key factors, including internal expertise in developing initiatives that make sense for those paying for and taking part in wellness-related programs.  This is an area that I'm focusing a lot of attention on currently and will be talking about in the months to come. Fard

  • What Investors Know About The Future Of Health That You Don't by Fard Johnmar (Marketing: Health on 06/19/2015)

    Paula: Thank you! I'm glad you enjoyed this piece. I do my best to offer value! ~Fard

  • What Is RRM? by Daniella Koren (Marketing: Health on 07/26/2013)

    Daniella: I think the idea of RRM is absolutely on target. Coincidentally, your concept fits very nicely into a health content delivery model we've developed called "just-in-time" health information systems. This involves utilizing a range of passively and actively collected data from consumers to filter and deliver the right information at the right time. I wrote about this concept on Media Post a few weeks ago. We're producing a report and Webinar on this subject (both are scheduled for next week). If you'd like more info, please let me know. Fard

  • Why You Should Care About The Health-Aware, Connected And Cost-Conscious EPatient Of 2015 by Fard Johnmar (Marketing: Health on 04/19/2013)

    Dave: Thanks for stopping by and leaving a message re: how things are going with the Society for Participatory Medicine! I'll ping you as we move closer to publishing the book. Best, Fard

  • The Emerging Digital Technology Trend That Could Cost You Your Job by Fard Johnmar (Marketing: Health on 03/15/2013)

    Angela: There are two areas of potential liability: data breaches and HIPAA. These are not new issues, but would become even more salient within a highly-networked content development and dissemination process, especially around the analysis/transmission of clinical and outcomes data. These issues are currently being addressed -- especially in the realm of clinician to clinician, patient to clinician data exchange. In addition payers and companies like Express Scripts are addressing these issues, as they pertain to the analysis of Big Data sets to determine when and how people with a range of conditions should receive communications in order to prevent sickness and reduce costs.

  • The Emerging Digital Technology Trend That Could Cost You Your Job by Fard Johnmar (Marketing: Health on 03/15/2013)

    Jen: Thanks for your comment. The larger trends I'm focused on are those related to the filter bubble and the relevance gap. In my experience with others developing content for hospitals, payers, etc. the key questions they ask are: -How can I reach more of the people we care about? -How do we engage them to keep them paying attention to us? -How can we use content to drive one or more actions or behaviors? The key to reach and engagement is relevance. the key to driving attitude and behavior change is relevance. The larger trend toward personalized health information I'm describing here is related to the fact that while human interest content is certainly interesting and drives visits and clicks, it's becoming harder to reach people with this type of content because they are filtering a lot of what they consume and focusing increasingly on what's most relevant to them. Human interest stories can be embedded into a personal context to make it more relevant to users. When content development and distribution is more automated and personalized in the future, people may not even visit Websites, they will have content delivered directly to them based on their interests and preferences. Those who can anticipate this new environment will thrive, those who do not won't.

  • Social Networks And Older Boomers by Matt Thornhill (Engage:Boomers on 10/26/2009)

    Matt: This is an interesting analysis. While I agree that uptake of social networks by Boomers is still lagging, there's still reason to be optimistic -- especially in the health arena. See my post here:

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