• Fair Balance In Fifth Grade
    All of this planning reminded me of a play my son's fifth grade class presented last June at the end of the school year. That's a bit of a leap, so allow me to explain how these things are connected.
  • Media Planning For A Boring Planet
    The truly new media plans will be very digital, but that is the boring part. More importantly, they will be in tune with what that channel makes possible so that marketing campaigns can fit very important individual interests and affinities.
  • Tags And Tone Tell Much Of The Story At ChickRx
    A new health site, ChickRx.com, embraces that sentiment and in the process adds a new wrinkle to the definition of "social media." With a combination of expert medical advice, celebrity health coverage and possibly the most entertaining use of tags on the web; ChickRx uses a mix of humor and health expertise for its target audience of 20-something women.