• Do Patients Want Pharma Involved In Social Media?
    Pharma has a unique ability, in fact a responsibility, to educate patients as much as possible. Why should a little extra scrutiny stand in the way? As a company, if you are there for the right reasons and keep the patient at the center of your decision-making process, you will welcome the added attention. What are you waiting for?
  • About To HIT The Fan
    What are the implications of widespread networked EMR adoption in the age of social media? There are many.
  • World's Largest Pharma Focus Group Conducted In September
    New sources of insight can illuminate previously hard-to-see needs in the population. These data are free or very low-cost if you ask the questions and crunch the numbers.
  • Points To Ponder For Mayo Clinic's New Social Endeavor
    While much of the initial announcement for the Social Media Health Network seems to focus on a more top-down approach to community involvement, my hope is that there is room in the equation for a bottom-up approach that enables a true partnership with the people the initiative is ultimately trying to serve.