• To Respond Or Not To Respond ... That Is The Question
    As PR professionals, we are experts in media relations. Having deep, entrenched relationships with key members of the media and knowing what makes them tick is what our clients expect from us. The fruit of these relationships often appears in the form of well-balanced, favorable coverage.
  • S.C.O.R.E.: Impact Modeling Through User-initiated Actions
    Is your campaign in the 50%?
  • Social Listening for Pharma RM: Lessons Learned When No One Is Talking About Your Brand
    We recently completed the first phase of a yearlong social listening project for one of our clients. It's a global project, spanning seven countries and includes "listening in" on all of the popular social media channels - Twitter, Facebook, Sina Wiebo (a hybrid of Twitter and Facebook in China), YouTube, and countless blogs and forums.
  • A New Look At Compliance: Building Patient Loyalty
    Whether you're taking medication, have started a diet and exercise program, or are involved in rehab and preventive health, there is one common thread necessary for successful results: commitment. Commitment is, of course, just another way of saying compliance, the Holy Grail of healthcare.
  • The Emerging Digital Technology Trend That Could Cost You Your Job
    In my previous career, I, like legions of my health public relations colleagues, lived in a very structured world that was dominated by traditional media. We knew the major paths of influence - from media to consumer. We also had well-established methods of working the system so our messages and content would reach (and potentially influence) the masses.
  • Digital Healthcare Virgins, Beware
    What will it take for the tech revolution to work its wonders on healthcare? Like most VC's these days, I, too, am betting the farm on digital technology transforming the whole sector, but I'm also certain that it will take more than inspired geeks in a garage creating killer apps.
  • Digital Media Isn't' Risky, If Used Compliantly
    In the pharmaceutical industry, we have become accustomed to a discussion about adopting "risky" communications channels such as social media. These discussions overlook one thing: There are no risky media.