• Pharma Marketers Should Speak 'Salud'
    The influence of the Latino culture can be witnessed in many facets of American life today - from the foods we eat to the music we hear to the faces we see on television and movie screens across the country. With Census figures reporting that the Hispanic population will account for most of the U.S. population's growth throughout the decade, Hispanics' sphere of influence will only increase. And nowhere can this influence be potentially most felt than in your company's bottom line.
  • 12 Things About People With Chronic Conditions You May Not Know
    For years, many myths about chronic patient care and communications have hobbled our ability to offer the optimum supportive information. Through years of work with leading healthcare companies, I have identified some truths about patients and caregivers that may surprise you.
  • Helping The Doctor's Office Get The Most Out Of Your Outreach
    There are many factors that drive patients to the doctor's office, but-ultimately-the doctors are the gatekeepers of patients' prescription drugs. To achieve blockbuster success, pharmaceutical companies need to have physician ambassadors who fully understand their product and its benefits to increase their likelihood of prescribing it. The same holds true for recruiting patients for clinical trials. Clinical development teams spend considerable resources to drive patients to the physician's office to recruit them for a clinical trial. Once the inquiry is forwarded to the site, however, the pharmaceutical company must rely on the staff at the doctor's office to "sell" its ...
  • Using Geography In Asthma Advertising
    Asthma is an inflammatory disorder of the airways, which causes attacks of wheezing, shortness of breath, chest tightness and coughing ... and some 34 million Americans now suffer from the condition. There are three important steps to combat the attacks, and they include seeking medical attention early when you start developing problems, avoiding triggers (common asthma triggers include animal dander, dust, changes in weather, mold, pollen, stress and tobacco smoke, just to name a few), and taking medication.
  • Whether It's Paid Or Owned, Health Content Is King
    Or why your media planners and content strategists should be BFFs.
  • It's Not Brain Surgery: Connect With The World By Connecting With Those Around You
    When was the last time you got into the brain of a researcher, or let one get into yours?
  • Social Users Want The Doctor To Be In ... and Online
    Healthcare organizations and providers are not exempt from lessons that have been learned by brands and social marketers in other industries. The main lesson is that today's consumer is more empowered than ever before. Their ability to conduct research online from any number of sources and to compare and share with friends, family or experts makes them a very different breed from yesterday's healthcare consumer.