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Luxury Markets Linked to Mobile Platforms

Yhouse founder Wang Liang helps luxury consumers connect with high-end services. Yhouse, a leading Chinese high-end lifestyle Internet company, opened the door for a new mobile Internet business model in China. Wang Liang, the founder of Yhouse, shares with Metropolitan (MB) the story of his brand and his insights regarding China's mobile Internet and high-end markets. MB: How did you come up with the idea to create Yhouse? Wang: Yhouse came from the Internet's economic transformation. During the era of desktop computer-based Internet, the high-end crowd had basically no chance to surf the Internet. They have to handle business during working hours and attend social events when they are off-duty. The smartphone changed all of that. The high-end crowd began to have the opportunity to use mobile Internet in their spare time. Because there have been few mobile apps to serve the high-end consumers, there has been a huge opportunity to target that market. Yhouse's business strategy, therefore, is to allow high-end consumer groups to experience the services and products, and then connect the suppliers with the users, thus forming a complete consumption chain.

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