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Targeted Deals Sent Via Novel Mobile Device

  • Mashable, Thursday, February 26, 2015 12:08 PM

Last fall, a mall in Helsinki offered shoppers targeted deals if they agreed to tote a key fob with them. Some 14,000 customers tried out the plastic RFID device, which is called a "Physical Cookie." Shoppers who toted the Physical Cookies were offered individually targeted deals on electric signs in the stores and in the mall. As the video above explains, Physical Cookies work just like their online counterparts. That is, they study the shopper's preferences and tailor deals and messages accordingly. Instead of logging user's history though, Physical Cookies just look at the time spent during mall shopping. Property investor Sponda worked with ad agency TBWA\Helsinki to create the plastic devices, which fit in one's pocket and don't require registration or sharing any personal information.



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