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Apple Pay Added for Health Insurance

At the same time that a growing number of people are using mobile apps to help them to keep tabs on their health and fitness habits and progress, it has now been announced thatApple Pay is now integrated into the InstaMed network, which will make it possible for policyholders to pay their health insurance premiums and even their copayments with their devices. This will make it possible for anyone in the InstaMed network to be able to accept mobile payment options through Apple Pay users. This includes the consumer facing apps of health care providers, venders, and payers, alike. That transaction service is currently limited to customers who use the iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, as well as the iPad mini 3, the iPad Air 2, and – very shortly – the Apple Watch. The goal is to help to reduce the confusion associated with paying this sort of bill and to make it more simple and convenient for customers.



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