The Tonight Show: Jimmy Fallon App

This week, we profile APPY Award entrant The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon App, created by CP+B.

In 2014, CP+B partnered with NBC to launch The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon digital experience, website and mobile app.

For the app, the objective was to mirror not only the sprit of Jimmy Fallon’s personality and vision of The Tonight Show, but the relationship he has with his most ardent fans, his FALPAL’s.

Jimmy Fallon is an avid, sophisticated user of social media, and his fans are more than just passive viewers of his show, with their phones at the ready as they watch. This app facilitates a two-way conversation, allowing his fans to both consume and contribute to The Tonight Show.

The app allows a user to view, share and participate thorough various challenges that Jimmy gives during the show and through social media.  There are #hashtag challenges, video contests and more, all of which are culled for Tonight Show content. Users can communicate not only with Jimmy, but also with Tonight Show guests.  In addition to show participation, the app offers “Jimmy’s Arcade”, a collection of retro-inspired games.



Jimmy and his fans are not what you would call sedentary, so this app needs to be kept up to date. CP+B created a content management system to make it easy to maintain the app’s edge. 


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