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Bitcoin Grows to Millions of Wallets

There is a plethora of articles written about Bitcoin every week. I find it difficult to see all its legs at once, in one article or a few articles. Some people have asked me this question – where are we really with Bitcoin? I thought of answering it today with the following article and the infographic below. You would have read about Bitcoin startups, product launches, investments flowing into this sector and many more developments. You would probably have also read about the negative side of things – theft, closure of exchanges, and the bitcoin price taking a hit. I am sure by now, if you have interest in this field, you would know how keen Marc Andreessen and Goldman Sachs are in this currency. But if you are like me you must be trying to regularly look at that big picture, that signal from the noise. To attempt that, I wanted to analyze what was going on with Bitcoin (as a market), considering the numerous aspects/viewpoints that I have come across. I wanted to add data from research around specific parameters from news, interviews, discussions, industry perspectives, etc. and so this is what I have got.



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