The 2015 Ahalogy Pinterest Media Consumption Study

Pinterest is fascinating. Its volume of curated content alone is impressive, but as a user, I am always amazed at how beautiful a page of pins looks after it is populated. Seasonal boards come alive without barely lifting a finger to pin crafty projects and rich images. You can’t say that about Twitter or Facebook, whose content is fleeting and not as visually organized.

With 750 million boards created in the last six months alone, there are now more than 30 billion pins on Pinterest since the site was founded – astounding! According to Pinterest marketing developer partner Ahalogy, pinners are highly engaged, highly mobile and ready to buy—even pulling up pins as they are shopping. They are receptive to brands who share useful content with them, and ready to take action from the content they find.

Bob Gilbreath, co-founder and president of Ahalogy, had this to say, "Mom is the chief planning officer for the family, and our data shows that Pinterest is a medium for planning for the future for her big events. On Pinterest, back to school already started a few weeks ago, and holiday shopping begins soon! She's pulling up things she pinned a year ago, that’s incredibly powerful for marketers, who now have the the power to meaningfully connect with them not just in this season, but in seasons to come. We’ve partnered with lots of brands to win here in a big way, combining their owned content with ‘paid’ solutions on Pinterest to see outsize earned results."



Active pinners are those who access Pinterest once a month or more. In fact, half of active pinners have clicked on promoted pins, and more than 40% have made a purchase. Who says social media can’t deliver and ROI?

Ahalogy just released its 2015 Pinterest Media Consumption Study, and some of the results regarding moms may surprise you.

A snapshot of Moms and Pinterest:

More Moms on Pinterest are electing to spend less of their time on other social platforms. In fact, 47% of active pinners who are moms use Pinterest instead of engaging on other social media sites. 

Some additional statistics around moms and Pinterest include:

• In the last year, moms have significantly increased their Pinterest usage to “browse through everything to see what’s new,” up to 24% from 9%.

• More than one-third of mom pinners are employed full-time (31%), while one-fourth are homemakers (28%).

• Moms on Pinterest belong to fewer social media sites than non-moms (3.2 versus 3.6 sites)—in fact, moms are significantly less likely than non-moms to be members of Instagram (39% versus 55%) and LinkedIn (32% versus 42%).

• Moms are 12% more likely than non-moms to identify as early adopters.

While moms use Pinterest in similar ways to non-mom pinners, the types of content they pin changes; they typically pin content about gardening, holidays and events, and children.

Moms are more adventurous and will try something new that they discover on Pinterest 13% more often than non-moms. This is likely because they strive to bring new ideas for activities and meals, for example, to their family. Keeping a child interested in trying new foods is a challenge every mother faces and Pinterest is a hotbed of ideas.
In addition, 50% of moms said they also use Pinterest when shopping for recipe ingredients or lists of supplies for projects.
Moms like to make informed decisions, so it’s no surprise moms turn to Pinterest as a research tool. They are also more apt to buy something they see on Pinterest. On average, mom pinners are 30% more likely than non-mom pinners to buy a product. 

Influential moms love Pinterest.

If anything is clear from the study, it’s that moms are getting a lot out of Pinterest. Brands can also find great benefits. With the growing popularity of influencer marketing, brands can reach a captivated mom audience by working with bloggers to create sponsored content. And moms will pin this kind of content as long as it’s relevant and engaging. Some examples of sponsored content that showcases just how successful Pinterest can be in terms of engagement:

So if you’re not on Pinterest, your audience awaits you.

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