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Sensors Being Added To Trains For Consumr Data

Transport for London (TfL) is looking into the Internet of Things (IoT) and working out how best it can use data from a range of new sources to help improve its services, according to the organisation's CIO, Steve Townsend. Townsend told Computing that the IoT is on TfL's agenda, and that it is up to people like him to understand what it can bring to the organisation. "We are looking at data from IoT and how it could mean we work differently in London; we're looking at how data can maximise every inch of tarmac in London, how we can solve congestion problems, how can we maintain our fleets of vehicles better, how can we use digital monitoring to do maintenance in a more efficient way to maximise our rolling stock, whether it be DLR or Underground or trams, and how we can utilise our internal data from IoT," he said.

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