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New Bluetooth For Connected Devices Detailed

At Bluetooth World, an annual Bluetooth technology conference held last week in Santa Clara, Calif., the Bluetooth Special Interest Group (SIG) offered details about its plans to introduce Transport Discovery Service (TDS), a new specification designed to enable IoT devices to communicate more energy-efficiently. The TDS provides a means of triggering the transmission of data between a wireless device and a client, even if the intended means of transmission is not active. For example, a wireless device that is battery-powered, and which only needs to send data over Wi-Fiperiodically, could use the TDS to conserve battery power. In this scenario, the Wi-Fi radio would enter dormant mode when not needed, and the Bluetooth module would act as a sort of gatekeeper, searching for signals from other networks, such as Wi-Fi or ZigBee, and then waking those respective modules when they come into range of those networks. TDS works in Bluetooth devices compliant with version 4.0 or later of the Bluetooth Core Specification.

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