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University To Start IoT Campus Project

SK Telecom said Wednesday it will establish an Internet of Things (IoT) network system at Korea University. “We will rebuilt the campus of Korea University into a smart life place tapping into IoT technologies,” SK Telecom’s network operations division president Lee Hyung-hee said in a statement. “We will present an exemplary business-academic cooperation model that can exceed existing limitations of smart campus projects.” On Wednesday, the telecom company signed a memorandum of understanding with the university on cooperating for what they call the “PI Campus” project. Under the agreement, the two will apply the latest network technologies including IoT, cloud storage, big data and mobility for innovation on campus. SK Telecom will build a network dedicated to IoT services at Korea University’s Anam campus in northeastern Seoul and the neighboring Korea University Hospital, and connect its IoT platform ThingPlug to integrate sensor systems throughout the campus.

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