Kanoodle To Serve Ads To RSS

Contextual advertising services provider Kanoodle today is expected to announce a new service, BrightAds RSS, which will serve ads to RSS feeds. The ads will be inserted directly into site owners' RSS feeds within posts, or as individual posts.

Moreover Technologies, a provider of aggregated online news service systems for companies including MSN, Yahoo!, and Ask Jeeves, will power the RSS feed hosting and distribution components of the service.

"The extensive advertiser base and publisher tools we're so proud of, along with Moreover's distribution expertise, will allow any publisher to monetize their content and expand their reach," said Mark Josephson, Kanoodle's senior vice president of marketing and business development. The service is part of the Kanoodle BrightAds automated network for publishers, which already includes BrightAds Content--a monetization tool that maps and serves Kanoodle ads to publishers' content pages.

Blogs are largely responsible for RSS's inception. Political, tech, business, and gossip mongers would be hard pressed to track the multitudinous threads that make up the blogosphere, were it not for RSS readers. It is only recently that these innovators have been able to profit via RSS without joining a network like Gawker Media. (Gawker, ironically, does not offer its network for syndication.)



"So much valuable content is delivered via RSS feeds, and until now, the challenge for publishers has been finding an effective revenue source for these sites," said Jim Pitkow, president and chief executive officer of Moreover Technologies.

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