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After Transition, NBC Still 1st in Ratings

They've chased each other around the world, had their faces plastered on the sides of buses and sniped at each other through surrogates, all in service of their respective evening news broadcasts. One even had his name displayed on a banner that was towed by a small plane, beach-resort style, over the rooftops of Manhattan last week to promote a prime-time documentary about U.F.O.'s. Now, like combatants in an initial round of presidential primaries, Brian Williams, who replaced Tom Brokaw as anchor of "NBC Nightly News" on Dec. 2, and Peter Jennings, the veteran anchor of "World News Tonight" on ABC, have gone head-to-head long enough - it will be three months on Wednesday - for one of them to lay legitimate claim to an early lead in the only race that really counts: the ratings.



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