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Self-Driving Vehicles To Be Produced By 3-D Printing

Olli, a self-driving vehicle that Local Motors plans as a form of public transportation on demand, will be produced in Knoxville starting next year, the company said Friday. A grand opening is planned in early 2017 for the micro-factory that the Phoenix, Ariz.-based company is constructing in West Knoxville, and Jay Rogers, Local Motors CEO, told an audience at the Knoxville Chamber's Endeavors 2016 Young Professionals Summit Friday that the facility will manufacture the Olli. Production should start around late 2017, said Local Motors spokeswoman Jacqueline Keidel. The Knoxville facility is one of three that Local Motors launched this year, and is meant to be the company's main location for developing and constructing 3-D printed vehicles.

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