Times, IHT Calculate New Math: 'The Power Of One'

  • June 17, 2004
The New York Times Co. Thursday reported that a new global ad package of Times and The International Herald Tribune has yielded $2.4 million in incremental sales for the IHT through the first half of 2004, an increase on full-year 2003 revenues of 39%. The papers also announced the launch of a new trade ad campaign designed to drive sales for the global buy. Ads carrying the message "1+1 = 4 million. The Power of One" will appear in both newspapers starting June 21. Launched in March, the global ad buy enables advertisers to purchase ad insertions across multiple nations in both newspapers. Advertisers to date have included Cisco, Exxon Mobil, Singapore Airlines, Citigroup, Areva, Air France, Tyco, AT&T and Sotheby's.
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