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Most Expensive Smart Home Devices In The Last Year

Smart home devices got a lot of hype in 2016, from in-home assistants like the Amazon Echo to connected and automated toilet seats. While most of these smart home devices range from under $100 to a few hundred, the Samsung "Family Hub" refrigerator, clocking in at a cool $5,999 on the high-end model, takes the prize as the most expensive smart home device of the year. Here's what that hefty price tag will get you, and why 2016 looks like just the beginning of a connected home revolution. The Samsung "family hub" refrigerator is not your typical ice box. The 21-inch touchscreen on the outside of the door connects to your home's wifi, and comes preloaded with various apps and features to connect to a user's smartphone. Cameras inside of the refrigerator allow the users to see what's in the refrigerator when they are not home -- like when they're at the store trying to remember what to buy.

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