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GM Opens Connections For Car Infotainment System

GM is opening up to app makers in a way that’s unique among carmakers; it created a software development kit for those looking to build apps for its in-car infotainment system that exposes 400 data points from the car itself for developer use. The SDK allows creation of apps using HTML5 and JavaScript, running off of Node.js, that many front-end web developers already know, and GM’s Ed Wrenbeck, director of Application Ecosystem and Development, tells me this should make it possible for developers to create apps ready for testing in as little as a week. “Historically, the automakers haven’t made it very easy for partners to really utilize the connected vehicle experience,” Wrenbeck explained. “So we set out about seven months ago, as part of our API platform to really fix that and make it very easy for the corporate community to exploit the connected vehicle experience.”

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