The Real Brockovich Signs With Lifetime

  • July 30, 2002
Community activist and movie bio subject Erin Brockovich will host a new Lifetime TV reality drama series "Final Justice" to air in First Quarter 2003. Brockovich will help tell the true stories of women who have “battled their way back from the brink of despair. They each had the courage to fight the system, and ultimately prevail, in spite of seemingly insurmountable obstacles.” The show will highlight cases such as the true story of Susan Wilson, a woman from Louisiana who finds out her neighbor has been videotaping her most private moments in her home. It will also feature women who choose to battle the legal system. This is the case in the tragic account of Rhea Harvey, an African-American woman from Kansas City, MO whose husband is murdered by three white men. An all white jury in the South acquits the three men of the crime, in spite of an overwhelming amount of evidence against them. Outraged by the decision, Harvey finds a way to put her husband's killers behind bars.
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