Buzz Reaches Ethnic Markets

  • July 31, 2002
The American Marketing Association says marketers who want to reach ethnic audiences rely on word-of-- mouth marketing over any other form of advertising. A new report from the group says several techniques have gained favor recently including promoting product among local community leaders. Another is to hold a special event within the community tailored to its customers to advertise the product. A third is to work with the ethnic media to help spread the word. The report cites data from Yankelovich Inc, that shows 57% of African-Americans get advice about a product through someone they know who has already used the product; 48% of Hispanics had the same response. In addition, 44% of African-Americans and 62% of Hispanics gain knowledge about a product from their relatives. Meanwhile, only 17% of African-Americans and 16% of Hispanics get their information about a product from a newspaper or magazine.
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