Top Marketing Tips, Strategies To Attract More Patients

As the medical system in this country continues to evolve and the politicians continue to debate about healthcare, it’s important to know there are steps you can take right now to ensure a steady stream of new and returning patients.

With proper marketing, you can overcome any changes to the insurance program that threatens to take money out of your pocket.

In fact, doctors, dentists, and all different types of medical professionals spend thousands of dollars on marketing to help attract new people to grow their private practice. 

Here are five of the top strategies medical professionals use that works for them. 

1. Free Always Works

There’s absolutely no better way to attract attention than with a risk-free, money-free offer that gets them in the door. Online and in-house businesses have been using this tactic for a very long time.

A new patient/customer will be willing to give you a chance when it’s free because they’re not risking anything by being there. 



But once they’re in the door, it’s your job to convince them to come back with fantastic service.

2. Address Your Customer’s Concerns

Let’s say you’re a dentist. Patients avoid going to the dentist like the plague.

Why? Write out a list of cons that are keeping people away and address that in your marketing. Are patients afraid of the pain? Then discuss how your practice is known for being pain-free. Have you had problems with long waits? Correct the issue and market it. 

You should be aware of all the hot-button issues and do your best to address them. 

The focus should never be on you, but how you will service them as comfortably, quickly, and painlessly as possible. 

3. Learn How to Advertise

For those who are not in the marketing business, they think as long as they slap their logo and a picture on an ad, it will be enough to entice patients to stop by.

The problem is, you’re leaving so many excellent (and proven) marketing techniques on the table that would set you apart from your competitors. 

You don’t have a brand name that will force readers to stop and pay attention, like Microsoft or Apple. That means you’ll have to design an ad that reaches them. You’ll need a bold headline and a call-to-action that encourages them to act. 

4. Use Content to Teach

People love to read content, especially if it helps them. We love to get on Facebook and read interesting blogs. If we’re struggling with an issue, the first thing we’ll do is look it up online for tips and strategies. Do you have a way to reach and teach your prospective customers? If someone suddenly comes down with something, they might do an online search, find your blog, and decide to book an appointment with you.

Remember, it’s not about plastering your community with more ads. People are sick of ads. They will help, but be sure to back up the ads with significant content that will help you gain authority as an expert in your field. Even writing books and sponsoring special events will get you extra recognition.

5. Hire a Virtual Receptionist 

Customer service is the greatest tool at your disposal. Nothing will bring customers back time and time again than with fantastic customer service. If you go out of your way to make your patients think they’re special and cared about, they will keep returning to see you. One excellent method of being open and interacting with patients is by hiring a virtual receptionist. 

Virtual receptionists are available to answer calls 24/7. They’re around on the weekends, during holidays, and after hours. They are there to help your patients, get them scheduled, to help with marketing, and any other task you might need them for. It’s also a cost-effective, as hiring a virtual receptionist is typically only about $200 a month, which is cheaper than $30,000+ a year to hire someone in-house. 

As many as 70% of all Americans say they will be willing to spend more money with a company they feel will provide better customer service. And 60% would be prepared to try a new business if they think they’d be treated more professionally than where they’re currently at. With these five steps, you will find yourself learning new ways to attract new patients and develop strategies on how to keep them happy and coming back for more.

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