Interep Introduces Ways To Make Radio Advertising Easier

An advertising company’s new product line is aimed at making it easier to buy time on radio stations that hit popular demographics.

Interep recently launched the Consumer Lifestyle Networks, a series of ways for advertising agencies to hit seven demographics on radio stations coast to coast. These networks focus on the most sought-after audiences on radio, compiling stations and formats into easier-to-navigate categories.

The networks are affluent consumers; family shoppers; African-Americans; U.S. Hispanics; Men; Women; and Young Adults. Interep has categorized 2,000 radio stations in 250 markets across the United States.

“They serve as a helpful starting point, especially for advertisers unfamiliar with radio,” said CEO Ralph Guild. Guild said media buying agencies told Interep that radio needed to better match advertisers’ needs; the Consumer Lifestyles Networks are a way to address those needs.

Advertisers will work with Interep executives to determine their target demographics, then use audience data to tailor the networks to products, services or brands. VP/Marketing Communications Michele Skettino said Interep has researched what stations are best suited to match consumers with advertisers.



“It [Consumer Lifestyle Network] combines like stations so we can quickly put together packages to serve ad agencies,” said Skettino. Previously, radio had been sold on primary demographics like sex and age.

Some agencies and radio advertisers are already combining stations like this, but Guild said other users would benefit from having Interep do it for them.

“These advertisers are constantly trying to find the medium that targets right to the heavy user so they don’t waste advertising to consumers who won’t turn into customers,” he said.

For this new effort, Interep is targeting the nation’s top 100 advertisers and other potential advertisers. Potential product categories include pharmacy, retail, telecom, automotive, movies and restaurants. Guild said the networks would start in Q4 or Q1 2003.

Guild said it’s part of radio’s efforts to match other media that are becoming more and more focused.

“Radio is one of the most highly focused of the media,” he said. Interep is using that to advertisers’ advantage, he said.

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