Bi-Bi Broadcast, Study Reveals Gays, Lesbians Prefer Cable

Dell, Toyota, American Airlines, and Carnival Cruises are the considered the best brands by gay and lesbian consumers, a study released Tuesday by marketing analyst firm Scarborough Research said.

Scarborough's "Gay/Lesbian Consumer Online Census," an annual survey of the demographics, lifestyles, and media patterns of approximately 8,000 gay and lesbian consumers, looked at several categories including travel, media, automotive, and computers. The analysis found that quality is a key factor in gay/lesbian consumer brand decisions. "Across the board, brands known for quality tend to be favored by gay and lesbian consumers," said Jeff Garber, President, OpusComm Group, a G/L Census partner. "From Dell computers to Toyota vehicles, gay consumers favor brands recognized for value and excellence."

In the media category, several premium cable television networks are popular among gays and lesbians.

HBO and Showtime appear in the top five cable networks, and Showtime's program "Queer as Folk" is among the top five television shows. Mainstream television shows with gay themes, such as NBC's "Will & Grace," are also popular among this cohort. "While it is no surprise that gay-themed programming is important to gay/lesbian consumers, it is interesting to note that several of their television preferences require access to premium cable services," Garber said. "The gay marketplace presents desirable demographics that marketers can tap into via niche programming available on premium cable networks."



The survey also noted that gay and lesbian consumers are avid travelers, and American Airlines is their airline of choice. Top domestic destinations include New York City and San Francisco, whereas Canada and Russia are popular for international travel.

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