Young New Moms Expect A Lot From Labor, Delivery Experiences

Hospital stays are becoming more and more like hotel stays when it comes to the amenities that young expectant mothers are looking for when heading in to deliver their child. Young moms who are accustomed to life in the digital era, with options such as one-click buying and same-day drone delivery service, are expecting a more customized experience in every aspect of their lives — not just retail.

Our recent pregnancy research study revealed consumer-driven healthcare trends of young, expecting moms that should prompt providers and hospitals to make improving patient experience and satisfaction their number one goal.

Our study of new moms — including Gen X, Millennials and Gen Z — resulted in some intriguing information about their healthcare wants, needs and expectations. Gen Z (18- to 21-year-old) moms in particular are expecting the most out of their delivery experiences by far.

The study revealed that nearly half of pregnant moms had to find an Ob-gyn or switched to a new doctor when they learned they were expecting. Those moms starting from scratch tend to be younger than those looking to switch. In addition, younger moms want more from their Ob-gyn offices than older moms making a move. Services like prenatal massage and midwifery made their list.



When new moms were asked about what was absolutely essential when selecting a hospital for delivery, regardless of age, they all had five basic necessities in common:

  • The hospital must be baby friendly.
  • They should have a private room.
  • The hospital must have a great reputation.
  • Labor and delivery rooms should have an in-room bathroom.
  • Infant security is a requirement.

For hospitals looking to boost their patient base, the above items must become high priority, if they’re not already being implemented. These are the basic needs and wants of the expectant moms of today.

Whether pregnant moms are in search of a birthing center or a labor and delivery suite within their hospital, they have come to expect certain amenities. Across the generations, moms expect lactation consultants, private rooms, WiFi and comfortable sleeping arrangements for their partner. Young moms, however, want even more.

From in-suite bathtubs and gourmet food to rooms with a view, Gen Z moms expect a plethora of amenities from their birthing facility.

The needs and wants of expectant mothers are changing at a rapid pace. Provider and delivery hospital choices are crucial, especially for moms who are pregnant for the first time. The healthcare industry needs to be mindful of these shifting expectations and perceptions of the younger generations and how they might impact business decisions, customer satisfaction scores and marketing/communication efforts.

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