Love Dominates 'New York Times Magazine' New York Issue

“Love City.” That’s the theme of this year’s annual NYT Magazine “New York” issue. The issue features 24 different covers shot by Ryan McGinley. The editorial focuses on love in New York on a single day, May 19.

To gather couples for the cover, The NYT Magazine scouted for subjects, but also found volunteers through social media. After two days, more than 1,000 couples had replied.

The cover was shot as the team drove around the city in a truck, picking up couples who kissed as the city sped by in the background.

A "maki ng of” video about the cover is available via the NYT’s website.



In addition to the 24 covers, “Love City” shares stories and photos from around the city, taking place over the same 24 hours on May 19. Photographers shot people in the intimate spaces of their homes chronicling their nighttime routines, at sex parties in Clinton Hill and connecting during the ride to and from Manhattan on the Staten Island Ferry.

Sam Anderson pens “The Hearts of New York,” chronicling the state of love in a city like New York. He writes, “This special issue of The New York Times Magazine is about love in all its glorious specificity.

The aim was to parse the city’s anonymous crowds, to separate them into their component parts, to look at individuals instead of just masses — to see the particles that make up the waves.” 

The issue is available online and on newsstands in the June 10 print edition of The New York Times.

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