'Forbes' Licenses Name To Crypto Site

is partnering with NewCity Digital Limited to license its name to a new site focused on crypto markets, called Forbes CryptoMarkets.

Forbes CryptoMarkets — which launched in beta this morning — is also the result of a partnership with trade.io, a financial institution based on blockchain technology.

NewCity Digital is licensing the Forbes brand for the new venture and will run the Forbes CryptoMarkets site. Forbes, trade.io and NewCity Capital, a private investment company, are shareholders in NewCity Digital.



Chien Lee, chairman of NewCity Capital and chairman of Forbes CryptoMarkets, states the partnership creates “a trusted source for those seeking information on the new digital economy, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, cryptocurrencies, tokens and the companies underlying them.”

The site will serve as a data-driven portal that tracks cryptocurrencies worldwide. Forbes CryptoMarkets’ team of data scientists and programmers are leveraging cryptocurrency exchanges and blockchain data to provide real-time pricing and volume information on several thousand cryptocurrencies.

As of Monday afternoon, Bitcoin ranked the highest.

The Forbes magazine and site cover the cryptocurrency and blockchain marketplaces,.

Headlines and blurbs from Forbes.com and other news sources covering cryptocurrency are aggregated on the Forbes CryptoMarkets site in a real-time newsfeed. The summaries link back to the full stories on their original sites.

The site will publish an initial five cryptocurrency indices worldwide. “Crypto indices” are weighted groupings of the most valuable crypto currencies.

“These indices better reflect movements to a specific index and lessen the impact of a single large constituent’s market cap fluctuations,” according to a spokesperson.

The indices include: Forbes CryptoMarkets Top 30 Global “FB30,” Top 10 Global "FB10,” Top Cryptocurrencies Global, Top 10 Blockchain and DApps Global, as well as indices by sector, industry and cryptocurrency use-case. 

The initial indices will be published as an informational tool to illustrate market trends. As of Monday, the "Indices" tab is working.

The site is led by David Feldman, Chief Technology Officer of Forbes CryptoMarkets. Feldman, who came from NewCity Digital, has formerly served as a partner at IBM and a Accenture Digital executive.

Forbes CryptoMarkets expects to offer the site in seven languages, including: English, Chinese, Russian, Korean, Japanese, French and Vietnamese. 

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