How 'theSkimm' Rallied 100,000 Voters Through Cross-Platform Advertising, Partnerships

Earlier this year, in an effort to get 100,000 people to vote in yesterday’s midterm election, popular media brand theSkimm launched its non-partisan “No Excuses” campaign.

The campaign reached its goal, with more than its intended number committing to vote on Election Day. Separately, more than 40,000 “Skimm’rs” joined the brand’s Skimm Squad, working in their local communities to activate voters in the weeks leading up to the election.

Engagement numbers aren’t in yet, but the coordination and execution of the No Excuses campaign is impressive. During a campaign year when the stakes are high, the event can become something of a circus. But through leveled, strategic messaging, theSkimm was able to rally its fans while also reinforcing its brand image in a positive, proactive way.



theSkimm used its No Excuses microsite as the place to house all important information around the midterms. Through careful use of its signature voice and tone, theSkimmw delivered information like important dates and deadlines, primers, the ability to check voter registration status and even allow users to build their personal ballots.

It allowed a potentially intimidating amount of information to become digestible.

The brand was able to further build momentum through strategic advertising spots, partnerships and cross-collaboration with other media properties.

Also, it invested in out-of-home advertising with billboards across cities in Arizona, Texas and Florida and animated projections in Chicago and New York. In addition to taking out a full-page ad in The New York Times, the No Excuses campaign was able to attract a wider readership, while dispelling stereotypes around millennial voting.

In addition to the dedicated advertising spots, theSkimm collaborated with other female-founded brands to create limited edition, custom No Excuses branded jewelry and apparel.

Five brands, including Terez, Bow&Drape, Bird and Stone, Cuyana and S’well, paired up with theSkimm.The site also partnered with The Hive and SurveyMonkey to produce “Millennial Takeover 2018,” a data-drive initiative that placed the impact and interest of female millennial voters center.

SoulCycle supported No Excuses through a cross-platform collaboration, promoting the campaign online and in studios in the lead up to the election.

Video series rounded out the campaign’s attempts to reach voters. One, in partnership with Shondaland, featured actors from "Grey’s Anatomy"and "How to Get Away with Murder" debunking myths around voting. Another, a four-part series called Back to School, brought together popular faces from politics, media and entertainment to encourage theSkimm fans to vote. 

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