Report: Newspapers' Online Ad Revenues Surge By 29 Percent

Online ad revenues at newspapers surged to $500.7 million in the second quarter--representing a jump of about 29 percent from the same period a year ago, according to preliminary estimates released Monday by the Newspaper Association of America.

Overall, ad revenues at newspaper companies totaled $12.2 billion for the second quarter of this year--showing just 2.8 percent growth from last year.

"Certainly, Internet spending is increasing," said Jim Conaghan, the newspaper association's vice president for business analysis and research. "It's still a growing marketplace."

The estimates are in line with other recent reports, which also indicate a strong online ad market for newspapers. Research firm eMarketer last week predicted that online revenues of U.S. newspapers will increase by 36 percent to $1.4 billion this year. Also, last month, both the New York Times Company and Dow Jones Company reported that online ad revenues were up significantly. For the Times Company, second-quarter online ad revenues were up 27 percent, while at Dow Jones, second-quarter online revenues increased by 33.5 percent compared to last year.



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