'The New York Times' Celebrates Its Feature Writing With 'Great Read' Initiative

The New York Times is tapping its archives to engage its digital audience in its latest initiative, dubbed “The Great Read.”

The initiative was announced by NYT’s executive editor Dean Baquet and magazine editor John Kahn this week.

The first story to appear in 'Great Road' is a story by Ellen Barry called “A Maine Paper Mill’s Unexpected Savior: China.” The story is about a New England mill town and the Chinese tycoon who bought its local factory.  

The goal of “The Great Read” is to expose readers to The Time’s writing beyond the day’s headlines, such as featured pieces highlighted on its mobile feed and homepage each day that offer “delight and serendipity beyond the day’s headlines.”

Deputy editor of The New York Times Magazine Bill Wasik is leading the effort.



“In the coming days and weeks, it will include contributions from across the whole newsroom and, we hope, become a daily habit for millions of our readers,” wrote Baquet and Kahn.

The initiative comes as The Times celebrates reaching its goal of hitting $800 million in annual digital revenue a year ahead of schedule, showing the newspaper's digital presence is strong and growing.

Last year, the publisher counted more than 1 million new net digital subscribers.

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