'People,' 'Entertainment Weekly' See SAG Awards Viewership Soar On Social

People and Entertainment Weeklysaw a record number of views during last weeks SAG Awards Red Carpet livestream, the outlets report.

With 13.8 million views of its livestream, this year’s audience marked a 986% increase year-over-year. Audience views were broken down between the Red Carpet Live full stream, with 7.3  million views, and Red Carpet Live extras, like video-on-demand, backstage interviews and views of TNT’s YouTube channel, with 6.5 million.

Pre-show coverage aired on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

The boost in coverage follows a recent Red Carpet Study commissioned by People with independent partner M&RR. An online survey was given to more than 1,300 consumers between February and May of last year that measured interest across 40 red-carpet events, including the Met Gala and film screenings in addition to awards shows.



Among participants, 400 were Meredith consumers interested in red-carpet events, 627 were red-carpet enthusiasts, 451 were People consumers and 200 were women from the general population.

What the survey revealed was a public hungry for red-carpet footage across social media.

Some 73% of respondents stated the main way they follow the red carpet is through social media, doubled from 2013, when 36% of participants responded similarly.

While watching red-carpet coverage of an event, 32% of respondents said they like interacting with others who are watching the event on social media. Respondents who follow the red carpet monthly increased by 10% since the last study was conducted in 2013.

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