'San Francisco Chronicle' Adapts To Publishing Under Shelter-In-Place Order

Yesterday, six counties in California’s Bay Area ordered their residents to shelter in place.

Following that order, the area’s most prominent paper, the San Francisco Chronicle, published a note to readers reaffirming its commitment to journalism through the coronavirus outbreak and the steps its taking to make that possible.

“The San Francisco Chronicle started publishing during the Civil War and hasn’t stopped since — not when an earthquake leveled parts of the region, not when floods overtook it, not when wildfires burned parts of it,” wrote Bill Nagel, publisher of the San Francisco Chronicle.

“We haven’t missed an issue in 155 years, and we will not during the ongoing health crisis.”

Nagle explained that the paper can continue operations, given its position, to provide residents with reliable information.



Going forward, the paper is “focused on answering the myriad questions we all have.” It has combined and expanded some sections to meet its new role during the outbreak.

Subscribers will continue to receive their daily printed newspaper, but are also urged to activate their digital subscription.

“This is critical in the event that some unforeseen issue prevents us from getting the newspaper to you,” Nagle wrote.

Shifts are now staggered at the paper’s production facilities and new steps to clean the equipment have also been implemented.

“We are also taking steps to keep the men and women who deliver your newspaper safe and healthy. They have our deep and sincere appreciation,” stated Nagle. 

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