Brave To Make Ad Inventory Available In NYIAX Marketplace Through New Partnership

Maker of privacy-focused blockchain-based digital advertising platform Brave Software is offering a new way for advertisers to connect with consumers via a partnership with upfronts marketplace and advanced contract management exchange NYIAX.

Brave’s browser connects advertisers directly with consumers who have chosen to see their ads. Through the partnership, ad contract traders in NYIAX’s marketplace can guarantee their ads reach Brave users who have opted in to see their ads through reserving or buying future inventory options.

Brave users are not tracked and those who opt in to view ads receive rewards through the company’s Basic Attention Token system.

"The best efficiency and consumer move advertisers can make right now is to eliminate the obstacles between people and the brands they love and actually want to engage with so both can win. Brave is helping us lead the future on that front," Carolina Abenante, Esquire, co-founder, NYIAX



By making its inventory available on NYIAX’s platform, Brave will benefit from incremental revenue opportunities and the option to strike guaranteed upfront deals with NYIAX’s buyer partners. The partnership also provides Brave with the opportunity to use NYIAX’s platform as a year-round lead.

Brave launched in 2019 and since then has recorded 1 billion ad confirmation events. That’s a 930% increase from the 97 million ad confirmation events it reported as of October 2019.

According to Brave, its ads claim a 9% CTR on average over 90 days, with some brands reporting up to a 15% CTR.

The partnership comes as CCPA compliance went into effect on July 1.

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