BeyondROI Unveils Automatic Keyword Creator

Search marketing firm BeyondROI is about to launch a product designed to automate the labor-intensive process of selecting keywords, the company said Thursday.

The product, Beyond Words, distills a list of keywords from URLs and then feeds them into search campaigns on Google and Yahoo! Search Marketing. Beyond Words, which has been in closed beta testing for the last two months, is slated for release within the next three weeks.

John Haney, BeyondROI's chief technology officer, said that most of the product's functionality is available now--but before the release, the company wants to add a few refinements to the way keywords are selected. For example, if the advertiser is primarily interested in getting traffic to the site and promoting its brand name, the algorithm will select a wider range of more general keywords, whereas if the goal is mainly to drive sales, it picks fewer, more specific keywords.

At release, the product will be able to send the generated keywords only to campaigns using either Google or Yahoo!, but Haney said that it can be made compatible with any search engine that publishes its application program interface.



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