'The Atlantic' Expands Culture Section

The Atlantic is enlarging its Culture section by bringing together three verticals under its umbrella.

Jane Kim, existing senior editor of Culture, is overseeing the expansion.

“We want to take bigger swings, add more original reporting to our coverage, produce more profiles of fascinating people, and expand the definition of what constitutes an Atlantic culture story,” wrote The Atlantic’s editor in chief Jeffrey Goldberg in a staff memo.

The Atlantic is launching a new vertical under the Culture section on the experiences of being American. It will be led by senior editor Lauren Williams. 

The vertical will “encompass coverage of some of the biggest stories shaping our culture and society,” Goldberg wrote.

Williams will "direct coverage on issues including race, racism, gender, class, and the impact of cultural and technological change."

Lenika Cruz is being promoted to senior editor. She will oversee the core of the Culture section, including coverage on writers, film, directors, music, books and TV.



She will also oversee stories about “the ways in which the publishing and entertainment industries are changing,” as well as cultural criticism, according to Goldberg.

Julie Beck and Joe Pinsker are joining the Culture team, too. Beck will continue to lead The Atlantic’s coverage of families, friendships, dating and relationships for the section.

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