Chrysler To Sponsor 'Person of the Year' Promos

CNN and Chrysler Corp. today are expected to announce a multimillion-dollar ad deal that, in addition to TV and print, will include broadband Internet, wireless, podcasting, Video On Demand, and interactive TV components.

The impetus for the deal is CNN's upcoming coverage of Time magazine's 2005 "Person of the Year" issue, for which Chrysler is providing exclusive sponsorship.

The multiplatform ad package represents a new and more open approach to marketing, according to Greg D'Alba, chief operating officer of CNN ad sales and marketing. "It takes advantage of new and emerging technologies and reaches out to the viewer in and out-of-home," D'Alba said in a statement.

On Sunday, December 18 at 8:00 a.m., CNN will present a one-hour documentary on the Time magazine "2005 Person of the Year" sponsored by Chrysler, with the magazine available on newsstands Monday, December 19.

In addition to commercial spots during the broadcast, the package will include national tagged tune-ins promoting the show, and Chrysler's sponsorship, on CNN, CNN Headline News, and the CNN Airport Network.



Chrysler will also be the exclusive sponsor of CNN's Interactive Television broadcast of "Person of the Year." The ITV broadcast is available free to CNN viewers and users. Users only need to register at and download a free applet to participate.

The applet synchronizes the user's computer with the broadcast, allowing them to receive additional information on the "Person of the Year" candidates, answer trivia questions, participate in polls, and post their comments about the program. During the commercial break, users can request additional information from Chrysler on specific vehicles and services.

Beginning today, and leading up to the selection of the 2005 "Person of the Year," CNN will air two interstitials each week, profiling candidates being considered for the distinction. The interstitials will be followed by sponsorship billboards for Chrysler that will alert viewers to the Time magazine "Person of the Year" issue date and direct them to further coverage on and

All eight of the "Person of the Year" profiles will be available in weekly podcasts that can be downloaded for free from or The podcasts will begin with a 5-second sponsorship billboard from Chrysler, and will end with a 30-second tribute to Walter P. Chrysler--who was, himself, a Time magazine "Person of the Year."

"Person of the Year" content will also be available through CNN To Go, allowing users to receive information via their wireless devices on the candidates as well as send a text message voting for their favorite to CNN.

Chrysler will have a banner on the CNN To Go page at that will link to their wireless Web site Additionally, online users will be able to play the profiles through free streaming video on with a 30-second Chrysler commercial running before the video. CNN and have partnered with Time magazine and to host an online poll asking viewers to vote for their favorite candidates. Results will be posted on, with a link to for more information. Online banner ads for Chrysler will accompany the "Person of the Year" content on and Online banners promoting the interstitials, online polls, and special broadcasts will be tagged with a Chrysler sponsorship message.

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