Exact Editions Posts Climate Crisis Resource Page, 50+ Magazines Contribute

More than 50 magazine publishers are contributing to a Climate Crisis Resource Page published by digital platform Exact Editions.

The page now includes almost 150 articles from digitally archived issues, some available only by paid subscription. Contributors include GeographicalNew Internationalist and Resurgence & Ecologist.

The goal of the free page, which will be updated monthly, is to provide a resource for individuals and institutions, containing reports on decades of climate-change theory, research and innovation.

“The climate crisis is an area in which we can all better educate ourselves, and we are delighted to be able to facilitate the sharing of crucial writing, perspectives and information from such a wide selection of magazines with an international audience,” states Daryl Rayner, managing director of Exact Editions, a London-based firm that specializes in digitizing content. 

“The ‘Climate Crisis Resource Page’ is invaluable,” adds Rob Norman, magazine marketing manager at New Internationalist. “Many great pieces from many great publications that help highlight why action is so urgent — as well as a few that disagree.”

The resource, which includes recent articles and some dating back to 1989, is divided into eight sections: Agriculture, Biodiversity & Conversation, Climate Activism, Climate Literature & Art, Climate Politics, Deforestation, Fossil Fuels & Pollution and Renewable & Sustainable Resources.
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