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Kraft Clashes With CARU Over Kids' Advertising

Kraft Foods' efforts to market to kids are coming under the scrutiny of the Children's Advertising Review Unit. CARU, the children's unit of the advertising industry's self-regulation program, is concerned about a Kraft TV spot for one of its lunch products that it fears delivers the wrong message. The spot focuses on the chicken pieces in Kraft's Lunchables Chicken Shake-Ups, which let kids shake BBQ or nacho cheese flavors on chicken nuggets, and does not feature other food items that would show a balanced diet. CARU said it was concerned that kids watching might think that chicken alone constitutes a balanced meal. The marketer has agreed to show food from four of the five food groups in its future advertising, but the incident is not Kraft's only run-in with CARU. Earlier this month, the marketer agreed to add a prominent disclosure on its promotions home page that proofs of purchase are required for entry into its Cheesiest Kid in America 2005 contest after a CARU review. Also, in a separate development, Kraft Foods Global, Inc., agreed to discontinue a Post cereal print ad that focused on a premium, Postokens, and not the product. The ad appeared in the September 2005 edition of Sports Illustrated for Kids.



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