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Radio Company Embraces Podcasts, Announces Video Deal

  • Mediaweek, Tuesday, November 29, 2005 11:15 AM
They were a little slow to react, but media buyers are starting to buy air time on podcasts for their clients, Mediaweek reports. Or rather, it was the radio companies themselves who were slow to react. Nevertheless, Clear Channel subsidiary Premier Radio Networks was an early adopter, making a neat six-figure side business out of offering podcast subscriptions of Rush Limbaugh, Jim Rome and other talk celebrities for $60-70 per year. Now, Mediaweek says the same company has just cut a six-figure deal with Starburst for a three-minute spot on a customized podcast of Ryan Seacrest's "American Top 40." Premier's president says the company is looking to reformat many radio shows into more specific, short-form podcasts, and sell new sponsorships on top of them. The company is also looking into visual podcasts, announcing today that it will provide 60-second video segments of Rush Limbaugh's show to subscribers of his premium content Web site, effectively making Premier the first major radio broadcaster to deliver video to video iPods.



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