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Air America Radio Rejiggers Its Morning Schedule

  • Mediaweek, Wednesday, November 30, 2005 10:45 AM
New York-based Air America Radio, which has been struggling to find a strong, consistent lineup, said yesterday that it was implementing major changes in its morning programming, beginning Jan. 2. The network, which launched in March of 2004, will replace its 5-9 a.m. "Morning Sedition" program with "Air America Mornings," hosted by Mark Riley and Rachel Maddow. Marc Maron, the West Coast comedian who has been with Air America since its founding, will lose his early-morning perch but, according to the company, may come back on a syndicated program being developed especially for him. "Historically, AAR hasn't done well in the mornings," said Danny Goldberg, CEO of the company. "We felt this was the right time for a change." Meanwhile, according to Goldberg, other dayparts are showing strength. In particular, he cited the improving ratings for such on-air personalities as Al Franken and Randi Rhodes, both of whom have AAR shows in the afternoon.



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