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Branded Entertainment Moves To Internet

Marketers are discovering a new option for branded entertainment: the Internet. So far, most branded entertainment, in which marketers sponsor entire programs or insert products and product references into programming, has been restricted to broadcast and cable TV. But as marketers continue to realize the power of the Internet as an advertising and communication vehicle, their attitudes are changing. This is especially true now that media companies are beginning to either recycle or develop new Internet programming. For example, the traditional networks, along with ESPN, Scripps, MTV, Comedy Central and others have either launched or are planning to launch channels that will deliver on-demand video content to the Web. Most of the early efforts have been focused on repurposing existing made-for-TV content. Realizing, however, that this is of limited value to consumers, the big players are developing Internet-only offerings. In this article, Pete Stein, vice president of client services at interactive marketing and technology firm Avenue A | Razorfish, offers six guidelines for marketers to follow when navigating this pioneering path.



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