A Fresh Look At Marketing On Pinterest

Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok are the social media platforms that typically garner all the attention when marketers discuss tactics for connecting their brand to the consumer -- but, surprisingly, in many instances Pinterest is the more cost-effective and impactful channel to market on.

While it lacks some of the mainstream gravitas of the aforementioned channels, Pinterest has a significant base of devoted users. In fact, as of July 2022, the platform had some 433 million monthly active users (according to its website), placing it 15th in Kepios’ list of the most “active” social media platforms.

Aside from an engaged army of users, the platform also offers several other consumer plusses that make it a strong candidate for your social media marketing efforts. Let’s take a fresh look at a few of those:

Marketing on Pinterest is cost-effective. In these inflationary times, it only makes sense to get the biggest bang for your marketing budget. Rob Kosberg, writing in a recent article for Forbes, suggests that Pinterest not only delivers a good number of eyeballs, it does so without breaking the bank.



Pinterest offers both free and paid advertising tools. In addition, the platform has one of the lowest CPCs among social media options. By combining both free and paid plans, it’s easy to attract interest and spark conversions.

Buying decisions are both spontaneous and evergreen. At any given moment, 75% of Pinterest users will be on their phones or mobile devices exploring new pins for the products they want to try, according to Influencer Marketing Hub. Being able to connect with these users while they’re in a purchasing mindset is a powerful advantage, especially if your competition is not on Pinterest 

One strategically promoted pin can direct users to you brand page, where a single click can result in a point-of-sale.  Sales tend to come quickly and impulsively

And because Pinterest boards encourage users to save “pinned” content, missed or delayed sales are recouped at a much higher rate than other scrolling platforms, where the opportunity is viewed and then lost.

Posting on Pinterest is easy -- and has actually gotten a lot easier over the years. The challenge for marketers, aside from designing the visual content that will click with viewers, is to identify your target audience on the channel, and what interests them.

If your competitors are already on the channel, it’s worth doing research to see the types of content they’re posting and what kinds of consumers they’re attracting.

If your brand or business is already active on Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok, why not complement its social media presence by adding Pinterest to the mix?

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