Taco Bell Doubles Down On Mexican PIzza

Taco Bell, which brought back its Mexican Pizza in May, is doubling down by introducing two varieties in two markets: Oklahoma City and Omaha, Nebraska.

In Oklahoma City, Taco Bell will sell a Cheesy Jalapeno Mexican Pizza that’s “cheesier and spicier,” according to a press release.

That Mexican Pizza variety will be priced between $4.99 and $5.49, depending on the restaurant.

In Omaha, Taco Bell is selling a Triple Crunch Mexican Pizza, which has three layers instead of the usual two. Taco Bell said that version also has twice the beans and beef. It will cost $5.99.

Both pizzas go on sale  Dec. 22 for a limited time.

Overall, sales at Taco Bell locations open at least a year jumped 6% in the third-quarter, compared to the previous year, Taco Bell said.

Taco Bell cut Mexican Pizza from the menu in November 2020 because of pandemic-related ingredient shortages. When it returned this spring, Taco Bell was selling seven times as many pizzas as it expected, and Taco Bell had to pull the item until ingredients could be found. The Mexican Pizza returned to the menu permanently in September.



The chain introduced Mexican Pizza in 1985 as “Pizzazz Pizza.” In 1988, Taco Bell rebranded Pizzazz Pizza as Mexican Pizza. But in 2020, Taco Bell announced it was removing Mexican Pizza from the menu to “[pave] the way for fresh new ideas.” That decision, however, was short-lived.

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