Firm Combines Advertising Management Functions Into One Tool

ADvendio has rolled its ad management add-on modules into a single platform called ADvendio ONE to provide a single end-to-end advertising tool.

The platform delivers advertising management in Salesforce to publishers, advertisers and agencies, the company says.

ADvendio claims to be the first Salesforce-powered platform to combine media buying and selling. The omnichannel platform in Salesforce is made up of four components: Campaigns, Finance, Connections, and Applications.

"We realized that the market rapidly became more complex over the last few years, therefore, custom-made solutions that only included parts of our platform no longer made sense,” states Julian Ahrends, VP of business development for ADvendio.

Ahrends adds, “Our customers needed to manage their advertising needs in a single solution with end-to-end processes to scale their business and stay ahead of their competitors.



The tools are all designed to help publishers, advertisers and agencies increase advertising revenue, and manage campaign financing, including ERP connections, invoicing and reporting, commissions, payouts, commitments, and more whether you're a publisher looking to sell ad inventory or an agency looking to buy media, the company says.

The solutions range from self-service ad technologies to programmatic advertising and media buying tools.

Also being offered is a Programmatic PLUS add-on for full-stack programmatic advertising and monetization at scale. 

Programmatic PLUS includes multiple pre-built connectors for programmatic ad exchanges, high-speed data transformation, and enhanced analytics for programmatic advertising and monetization, the company says.



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