BTS, FTW: Make Behind-The-Scenes Creator Content Work For Your Brand

With a potential recession looming, marketing executives need to do more with less. Fortunately, there’s one cost-effective solution that will also garner favorability with creators and set up long-term partnerships. Behind-the-scenes videos are an extremely effective way to create authentic engagements with audiences without the glitz, glamor, and price tag of overproduced videos.

As brands and creators struggle with ever-changing algorithms, short-form videos with a BTS format consistently score all-time highs for engagement on nearly every platform.

Everyone wins

Behind-the-scenes content is a win-win-win as it satisfies parties involved.

Audiences enjoy a voyeuristic perspective into creators' lives, specifically how they get their inspiration, their inner processes, and how products and services affect their daily routines.

Brands can showcase authentic narratives, have a soft-selling approach, and speak in relatable terms to Gen Z and millennial audiences. Consumers will find familiarity in how a brand intertwines with a creator's life.



Influencers love behind-the-scenes content because it's easy for them to develop. Creators only need one good idea rather than multiple hooks to pull in audiences. For example, MrBeast (133M YouTube) recently said that it is easier to create one video that gets 100 million views rather than 100 that get 1 million views.

Cross-platform virality

One concern of content managers is the question, “Will this translate across TikTok to Instagram and YouTube Shorts?” Jargon, inside jokes, and trends do not always work across platforms. The unique thing about BTS content is that it does.

For instance, video FX creator @MotokiMaxted (1M TikTok) achieved this triple crown of content, going viral on TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube Shorts for a behind-the-scenes video of a tutorial for Adobe. Rather than being entirely instructional with the content, Motoki showed off his goofy personality, made fun of his performance, and appeared likable rather than strictly educational.

From behind-the-scenes to center stage

Although social media algorithms continue to change, consumer values remain consistent. A Pew research study found that seven in 10 Americans use social media to engage with news content and entertain themselves. Short-form, behind-the-scenes vertical video helps brands gain exposure for hard-to-reach audiences.

Brands that add BTS content to their influencer marketing mix stand to improve their standing with younger audiences and can show they understand the vertical video landscape. Strategically, executing BTS content will tap into larger pools of related content. The #behindthescenes tag has 54B views on TikTok and can be paired with #dailyroutine (5.8B views) or #learntok (4B views) trends, creating the ultimate package.

Elevate engagement 

BTS content is the golden formula, as it's easy for influencers to create, translates across platforms, and showcases a brand's understanding of the vertical video landscape. Brands can improve their standing with younger audiences by incorporating BTS content and directing influencers to tap into related content trends.

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  1. Stacie Hunt from POINT MEDIA, February 15, 2023 at 3:27 p.m.

    Thank you for this post today!  We, at POINT MEDIA, have been producing BTS videos, cost-efficiently and delivering excellent ROI for our clients for over a decade.  We offer expert counsel, coaching, and video production to our clients all customized to meet both your goals and budget requirements.  We have the capability to counsel and create a specific style for a vibrant BTS video.

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